A downloadable Cyberpunk FPS for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

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Environment Gameplay

In the 22nd century, mega-corps dominate the global economy, draining the planet of its natural resources. The deadly levels of carbon-dioxide leads to the sixth mass extinction, killing all human life. 

Before the collapse, the wealthiest humans uploaded their souls into  Cyberspace Afterlife. They get to live in their own virtual heaven, forever.

Until you came along.

Combat Gameplay
  • 2000's STYLE ATMOSPHERIC DRUM AND BASS (producer wanted)

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Android touch controls not unsupported, requires controller

Supported Input Devices:

  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Xbox 360 / Xbox One
  • Sony Dualshock DS4
  • Razer Junglecat
  • Mayflash Gamecube Adapter

If you have an unsupported device, input mapping is coming soon!

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim ownership of the soundtrack used, it is an example of the type of music I want in the game. The game will display the soundtrack name and artist in the lower left corner during gameplay!

If you would like to contact me about this project, email me at chaza@phantomproxy.com


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PhantomProxy_v0.0.5_Windows.zip 50 MB
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PhantomProxy_v0.0.5_Android.zip 49 MB
if you pay $9.99 USD or more

Development log


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Is there any way to heal?

At the moment, there are no health pickups, only ammo at the end of the level.


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Feels reminiscent of Coded Arms, especially the title screen, kamikaze robots, and how all enemies leave green code behind when they're destroyed. I've been waiting for a proper spiritual successor to that game for a long time.

Potential here. Too repetitive as is. Love the MGS inspirations.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll be starting to work on this project full-time soon; be sure to check back in a month or two. Mouse-input needs a lot of work and I am in progress on enemies. I'm glad you enjoyed the style!

Feels very nice to move around and shoot enemies. I'm curious to see where this game goes.

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Application folder:
There should be 'Phantom_Proxy_Data'
folder next to the executable

-Player has to rename one of the folders

Mouse binding didn't work for me despite not having any controllers installed.

Will upload a fix right now

Okay give it a try and let me know!